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Chances are, if you are visiting this site, you are either trying to help yourself, or someone you love. Just logging onto this site is a huge jump in helping to make someone a better person. When dealing with drug and/or alcohol in someone’s life, people oftentimes look for rehabilitation centers in order to help eliminate whatever they are dealing with. The bottom line is though, that not every center is the top notch treatment that every person should be receiving. The worst part about that is, is that one in every ten people who end up entering rehab have already been to at-least 5 rehabilitation centers in the past.   You need to be careful after reading that fact. In the future, hopefully now you will realize how carefully you need to pick where you are going to place your loved one. In this article, you will read some “key” questions that you must ask yourself when you are deciding upon a drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation center.


How Should You Look At How Successful A Program Really Is?


The majority of these centers will try and sell you when they say they have a good “success” rate. You need to look past this fact you may hear though. You need to ask yourself, “How are they getting this good success rate?”. Most centers come up with this number from simply the amount of people that finish their program. They don’t even get into details about how a patient is actually doing. Some centers go a different route and measure success by how much a person stays away from whatever substance when they go back home. One last way we have seen rehabilitation centers measure success is by how they end up being employed / relationships upon exiting.

When looking for the perfect center, you need to figure out how each particular center goes about the word “success”. It is a huge word and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Make sure you and the center both see eye to eye with the word success and that it matches your definition.



Does the Center I am Looking At Offer Extended or Programs that are Bigger Than Normal?

Majority of the time, each particular program is about 28 days. Depending on what you are dealing with, that really isn’t enough time. Sometimes the issues that people are dealing with have been life-time addictions, and these centers think that one month can change everything completely. Everything good in life takes time. Despite that though, removing the centers that only offer 28 day programs isn’t smart. Yes, it isn’t good of them only to offer that but look into it further. Something, although not always advertised, they begin the rehab program with a shorter program and then progress into a much larger program once the patient is ready to deal with it.


Do Patients Have to Take Substitute Drugs?

One super important thing that everyone should be aware of is that most drug treatment programs that are available wind in the use of drugs such as buprenorphine or even methadone. The thinking process behind this is that patients might need a jump start to control their behavior. Oftentimes, when people are in the recovering stages of heroin or other types of pain killers, they may have a decent amount of anger. Some programs at these centers are specialized to reduce any harm caused by the patients. However, if you are going for the long ball and want the loved one in your life to finally reach that total sobriety level, then most of these programs will not make the cut for that, you are going to need to keep looking for something much bigger.


How Much Of A Nutrition Component Is Wrapped Into These Programs?

Some studies show that people that enter programs at rehabilitation centers are not healthy at all. They are considered “In a terrible condition”. Oftentimes, there is a large correlation of drug and alcohol abuse to go with it. Someone who is addicted to something might not physically be able to think about what type of nutrition that they need in order to be healthy. They need help and can’t do it on their own.

Because of this,  one such recovery program has to have some sort of nutrition component in it.  This makes sure that whatever type of nutritional deficiencies that a patient may be experiencing are concurred. They can then move onto fixing themselves in other regards.


Does The Program Include The Teachings of Other Life Skills?


Every rehabilitation program should not stop at trying to get someone to resist from drugs/alcohol. The best programs are the ones that look at the bigger picture: The patients overall life. It needs to be able to teach patients life skills that they can apply to the world when they return. These programs can easily can their whole future with such skills. Another thing that teaching real world does is that it decreases the chance at relapse. Ideally, it should help the patient avoid whatever triggered their last addiction cause. The top and best programs that we are looking for will put these such patients in support groups that will help them begin to rebuild self confidence. It will make drugs not look like the answer, which is what everyone is looking for.


Can There Be Any Harm Involved To Such Patients?

Considering you are trusting this rehab center with someone that is probably very close to you, you need to look at how they are treated within the center. As weird as it may sound, it’s not out of the question to find a program that may use drugs that cause harm and not much good. Some such centers uses practices like forced labor and the use of psychedelic drugs. If you are not sold on those possible treatments, it is best to move on.

Wrap Up

When you are able to answer these questions fully, the decision as to where you want to place your loved one should be a very smart one. This process is not easy though. It takes a lot of time and legit research to make sure you do make the best choice possible. That time spent could end up being very well invested though. You can create a much better and brighter future for them when you turn their life around.

You have to remember how serious addition can be. Chances are if you are reading this article than you have already been apart of an addicted person’s life. We know how much you want to see them healthy again. Hopefully after reading this article, we helped to structure your thinking when deciding where to place your loved one.

Recapping What A Rehabilitation Center Is + Additional Information


-Rehabilitation is one way that people try to cure themselves from an addition, physical illness or other types of injuries. Drug rehab programs are among the most used types of rehab around.

-The purpose of being in a rehabilitation center is to make sure that a patient is ready to re enter the world after dealing with their problem.  Addictions change people’s lives. They can easily affect work ethic, relationships among other things.

-There are tons of drug rehab centers. Each one was created completely different for a different purpose. For example, one center might specialize in addictions to one drug. Some may offer programs that deal with many drugs/addictions.

-Majority of rehab centers are professional and work really hard at solving the problem. You want to find a place that has the same dedication for your loved one that you do. If they slack or don’t work hard at it, then there is a good chance that the problem will never be solved.

-It is super important to re note that all of these centers are different in the way that they go about treatment. These treatments aren’t like math where there is a simple solution after awhile.  You need to make sure that you and your loved one is comfortable enough to give it a try before putting forth a lot of time and money into an investment like this.

-Going off of the point above, some of the treatments may seem very uncomfortable at first. One such is the banning of outside communications. This can be very tough to try and deal with, so it is important to talk to your doctors and rehab centers before going with this. Sometimes, there can be exceptions/changes to a program to help make a patient feel better.

Taking Everything Into Consideration

We really hope that this article positively changed your decision. Remember how big of a choice this can possibly be. It could easily impact them for the rest of their life. If ever in doubt it is probably a smart move to consult a doctor or specialist to re assure that you are going to make the best choice for everyone. You really can’t spend enough time researching and trying things out so make sure to stay calm and hopefully the best rehabilitation center will come to your situation soon enough. Thank you for reading our article, and please accept our prayers for whatever you are dealing with.

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